GARLAND OF 108 PRECIOUS GEMS by Prof. N. Kasturi


One way devotees offer homage to the glory of Sathya Sai Baba is by reciting the 108 or 1008 Names, which Swami says is prescribed in the scriptures “because there is just a chance that we will utter at least one name…with a sincere feeling of yearning, and the Lord, who is ever alert to sincerity, will hear that one and bless.” These commentaries on the 108 Names are fascinating explorations into their spiritual, historical and linguistic origins. This book also adds clarification of the Suprabhatam (awakening prayer) and the Aarthi (worship of God with flame and camphor). In addition, it contains Swami’s analysis of the efficacy of namasmarana (repetition of the name of God). 121 pages.

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