Faithful to the Soul


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Ms Seema M. Dewan’s book, ‘Faithful to the Soul’, is a beautiful composition of Inspirational Gems of Wisdom dealing with the soul’s journey to the Supreme Soul, presented in a mix of poetic prose, welled up in her consciousness during times of attunement with the Supreme Soul. This book is Bhagawan’s unique way of answering the many a potent question pertaining to an individual’s earthly sojourn traveling and traversing to the shore of Divinity that he or she is destined to. The book in two parts, the first with 33 interesting spiritual topics and the second with another set of 25 philosophically inspiring subjects, all of ‘soul-stirring’ pointers of wisdom combined in a single volume, could light up souls seeking the lasting bliss of Supreme Union!

The author, Ms Seema M. Dewan, upon Bhagawan’s directions to teach and train her children truth and create deep love for human values, chose to be by their side giving them the gems of Bhagawan’s teachings to practise in their daily life. During this period of upbringing, she had authored several books and continues to share the guidance of her soul, inspiring devotees to reach their true inner being. Ms Seema M. Dewan is currently living in the United States with her family.

With the soul singing in absolute surrender, she echoes that her soul shall breathe forever the wisdom of her Master Beloved, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!


Soft cover : 192 pages

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