This is an engrossing book written by an Iranian woman who grew up in Iran and has lived in Iran, Canada, the United States. and Puttaparthi. Raised as a Muslim, she depicts the events of her life before and after learning of Sai Baba, explaining how she had to reconsile the differences between her Muslim religion and what the avatar has written and requires of his devotees. To quote her: “I was not familiar with the idea of karma. In the Muslim religion, no one believes in past lives…we come into this world only one time and die only one tine. We go to heaven or hell, and there the story ends.” She carefully explains how her spiritual life began to change after her first visit to Baba, and how she has been graced with receiving spiritual inspiration and guidance from Swami frequently in her dreams. Her long spiritual trek, through ups and downs of life, repeated trips to Prasanthi Nilayam, and deepening devotion to Swami are expressed vividly in her writing. Further enriching the book are accounts of many interviews with Swami and short, heart-felt Sai quotes included after each significant event in her life. 252 pages, softcover, 1 color plate. (2008).

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