SAI VEDAM by Professor Anil Kumar Kamaraju


The prolific Professor Anil Kumar, in his lively style, has compiled yet another inspiring book containing 16 of his “Sunday Talks in Prasanthi Nilayam.” Sai Vedam is the third book in the series begun with Sai Sandesh and Sai-Chology, in which Professor Kumar tried to clarify various subtle aspects of Sai Baba’s philosophy to students and devotees. His talks are like sitting in Sai Baba’s university and having a very learned professor illuminate the profoundness of Bhagavan’s spiritual teachings by holding a precious diamond up to the light to reveal the truth shining from the brilliant facets. Professor Kumar covers subjects such as “Teacher-Guru-Master,” in which he explains the difference between each. Other subjects include “Stories and Incidents with Swami,” “Philosophy and Truth,” “Search for Truth,” “God is Bliss, Bliss is God, Live in Bliss!,” “The New Ten Commandments,” “What am I? How am I” Where am I?,” “This, That and Both,” and “Is It So?.” Softcover, 450 pages. 2008.

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