THE POWER OF THOUGHTS by John Goldthwait, Ph.D.


The author, a psychologist and ordained minister in California, is an ardent follower of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings. This is his third book in the well-received series begun with Purifying the Heart and A Practice for Purifying the Heart. This book explores Sathya Sai’s teachings on the power of the mind as the cause of all that we perceive, that our experiences are the direct result of our own thoughts and feelings; no outside force is responsible. Even our enemies are but reflections of our mental projections. Written in a direct and to-the-point style, the text is well-supported with quotes from Swami’s discourses and with practical exercises for applying the mind’s power constructively in the areas of resolving doubts, issues of physical health, mental poisons, problems or everyday life, “unloving” reflections, and the power of “no thought.” Softcover, 90 pages. (2008).

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